NWF: Reducing Keystone XL to a Sound Bite Distorts Facts

NWF fact check shows pipeline's job estimates have been widely discredited

10-03-2012 // Tony Iallonardo
Tar Sands destruction

As surrogates for the presidential campaign candidates jockey for position ahead of tonight's first debate, the facts about the controversial Keystone XL tar sands pipeline are being distorted.  A fact check issued by the National Wildlife Federation notes the pipeline's job estimates have been widely discredited, and that its purported energy security benefits are also hugely exaggerated. Contrary to popular belief, the pipeline would only generate a few thousand jobs, many temporary, and the fuel it carries would actually increase gas prices as it routes supply away from the U.S. in favor of exports. One certainty is that Keystone XL would greatly increase carbon emissions contributing to climate change.

Joe Mendelson, NWF climate and energy policy director said:

"Reducing Keystone XL to a sound bite that distorts the facts is not what Americans expect of presidential debates. You simply can't build a forward looking energy plan that includes Keystone XL. Voters deserve a choice that slows the climate crisis and creates millions of new clean energy jobs."

For more information, see NWF's fact check blog.

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