118 Sportsmen’s and Conservation Groups Urge Congress to Extend Wind Tax Credits

New Ad Says Spurring Clean Energy Requires Certainty in Tax Policy

12-04-2012 // Tony Iallonardo
Offshore wind turbine

Congress should extend critical tax incentives that encourage renewable energy production and energy efficiency, 118 sportsmen’s, business and conservation groups from all over the U.S. urged in a letter to Congress today. The letter, with a list of sponsors, also appears as an ad in Politico today.

“Investment and growth in properly-sited, wildlife-friendly clean energy and conservation are the best ways to combat climate change, sustain communities, create American jobs, and promote economic growth across the country,” they wrote.

The letter asks Congress to continue the Production Tax Credit (PTC) and Investment Tax Credit (ITC), tax incentives that will expire this year if Congress does not reauthorize them. The letter is consistent with a September poll of sportsmen that found 72 percent of hunters and anglers back renewable energy solutions.

“From every corner of the country, hunters and anglers are saying we should not pull the plug on prudent investments in wind power that create jobs and help conserve our natural heritage,” said Larry Schweiger, president of National Wildlife Federation. “Some 37,000 jobs are at stake. We can’t afford to let this one get away,” he added.

“Climate change is fundamentally altering our environment and putting our outdoor heritage at risk,” the letter argues, and “ Sportsmen/women, wildlife advocates, and outdoor enthusiasts are supportive of the development of clean, renewable energy resources as long as it is done in the right places and in a manner that is protective of fish and wildlife habitat.”