"The Gulf has waited long enough."

BP denies liability under Clean Water Act; Gulf restoration plan moves forward

08-28-2013 // Lacey McCormick

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BP and Anadarko Petroleum Corp recently argued in the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that neither company is liable for civil fines under the Clean Water Act for the Gulf oil disaster. This latest legal move comes as the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council approves its Initial Comprehensive Plan.

Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, said today:

"It is awfully late in the game for BP to deny responsibility for the Gulf oil disaster and we expect the court of appeals to quickly dispatch this desperate legal maneuver. These legal issues must be resolved once and for all so we can focus on the task of cleaning up the aftermath of the disaster and restoring the Gulf of Mexico.

"Today the Gulf Restoration Council is taking a step forward by finalizing its framework for restoration. We look forward to working with the council as it develops a process for incorporating science, sets a policy to evaluate projects, and engages the public in all these decisions. The Gulf has waited long enough; it's time to spell out how this plan can lead to action."

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