Photo of the Week: A Frog All Aglow

Oops...not a firefly.

12-20-2010 // NW Staff

Cuban tree frog swallowing lightbulb by James Snyder

FLORIDA RESIDENT JAMES SNYDER FOUND THIS CUBAN TREE FROG on his outside holiday decorations last year. He says, “At first, I thought this frog was sitting on top of the light, so I got my camera and was taking pictures at a distance as to not spook it. After I looked at the first few pictures, I realized it had actually swallowed the entire bulb.  I then wrongly assumed that it was dead and got up close for more photos.  After a few shots, it repositioned itself, showing it was indeed still alive.” Snyder then pulled the bulb out of its mouth. He used a Canon EOS 50D and an 18-55mm lens without flash.

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