"Extraordinary Wildlife" Winners of the National Wildlife Flickr Photo Challenge

The top-voted and finalist photos submitted by our Flickr group members for our "Extraordinary Wildlife" Photo Challenge

04-27-2012 // Edited by Rachel Stemen

The theme for our March/April 2012 Photo Challenge was "Extraordinary Wildlife." Our Flickr group members submitted hundreds of great photos, our National Wildlife editors picked six finalists, and the public voted for their favorite. Congratulations to our winner and finalists, and thank you to all of the challenge participants for sharing their photos!

Top Vote-Getter:
"Gray Wolf" by Eve's Nature Photography

Gray Wolf by Eve's Nature Photography


"Winter" Challenge Finalists

Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Tri-colored Heron and Chicks by kHazlittphoto

Tri-colored Heron and Chicks
© kHazlittphoto

Peregrine Falcon Nick Chill Photography

Peregrine Falcon
© Nick Chill Photography

Barred Owl by Tom Blandford

Barred Owl
© Tom Blandford

Common Tern Chicks by Lisa Franceski

Common Tern Chicks
© Lisa Franceski

Brown Bear Mother and Cubs

Brown Bear Mother and Cubs
© Christine Haines

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