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12-16-2013 // NWF Staff

EVERY YEAR the editors of National Wildlife select unusual or funny images from our annual photography competition to feature in our monthly caption contests. We then invite readers to write captions for the photos. Here are the caption contest winners and runners-up, along with the images that inspired them.

December 2013

Animals are Ghost Crabs in Fort Desoto Park, Florida


“You scared the crab outta me!”
--Cheryl Nelson, Cave Junction, Oregon


“Everybody was kung-fu-fighting.”
--Charles Hardy, Granbury, Texas

“Bring It On!”
--Jacque Pearce, Bemidji, Minnesota

“Early mornings make me crabby!”
--Lisa Hardy, Granbury, Texas

“Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Crabs”
--Marla Sanders, East Alton, Illinois

“We just love dancing to Hootie and the Blowfish”
--Mary Neves, Dartmouth, Massachusetts

November 2013

Great Gray Owl


“Owl be watching you!”
--Cristina Scarpaci, Washington, D.C.


“I know what you're thinking. Does he fly 30 mph or 40 mph? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being these are some very sharp claws, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, skunk?”
--Todd Thomas, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania

“Do you feel lucky, mouse? Do you? Go ahead make my day!”
--Rob Goldberg, Fayetteville, New York

October 2013

Chipmunk with cheeks full


“How many ears could a chipmunk shuck if a chipmunk could shuck corn?”
--Kay Cota, Dubuque, Iowa


“How many bites does it take to get to the center of a corncob?”
--Brad Wakeman, Grafton, Ohio

“I came, I saw, I cornquered.”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

“What? Smile for the camera?...NOW?!?!”
--Joy Ortiz, Kalispell, Montana

“Sometimes I just a-maize myself!”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

I guess this is what they mean by “chipmunk cheeks.”
--Terrie Slaton, Atlanta, Georgia

September 2013

Slider turtle and alligator


"The gator recognized his old buddy from Camp Swampy because he had...turtle recall."
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina


“I'd love to have you for dinner, but I'm just swamped.”
--Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

“And they said our friendship would never work.”
--Elizabeth Breach, Anaheim, California

"Mom said don't play with your food, but I kinda like this guy."
--Laurie Jameson, Norco, California

"Shell we dance?"
--Diana DiPietro, Pleasant Hill, California

“Just because I carry my house with me, I'm not your westinghouse.”
--Kay Cota, Dubuque, Iowa

August 2013



"The Nutcracker Suite"
--Kay Cota, Dubuque, Indiana


“I love this hotel. Now why would you want a mint on your pillow?”
--Jon Awl, Salt Lake City, Utah

“What? You don't get the munchies in the middle of the night?”
--Lynn Haydl, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"And this bed is just right!"
--Michelle Weiner, Effort, Pennsylvania

"Home is where you lay your nuts."
--Erin Mattson, St. Louis, Missouri

“I’m nuts over my new bed”
--Rhonda Clevenger, Azle, Texas

“Hmmm still a bit too obvious, maybe I should try under the bed.”
--Naomi Monk, Tawonga South, Victoria, Australia

July 2013

crested black macaque


“Mother told him his face would freeze like that.”
--Terrie Slaton, Atlanta, Georgia


“Ooooooooooooh… That was a hot pepper!”
--Mary Baluta, Greer, South Carolina

“Pavarotti, eat your heart out.”
--Andrew Goldberg, Fayetteville, New York

“EE-I-EE-I-O....with a macaque here and a macaque there......”
--Nancy Biskovich, Mariposa, California

“You ate the last banana! ”
--Jon Biker, Wisconsin

“Ohhh, no you didn't. ”
--Todd Thomas, Saxonburg, Pennsylvania

June 2013

Chipmunk-June 2013 Caption Contest


“Now, from the downward dog position we go into an up dog/crescent moon combo.  It helps if you hold your tongue like this.”
--Ramona Schwengel, Rome, Georgia


“Chipmunk Yoga”
--Kim McCarthy, Malibu, California

“Tai Chi - what a way to start the day!”
--Myron Meisner, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Help! I'm stuck!!”
--Stepheny Powell, Omaha, Arkansas

“Need ... Nuts ... Now!”
--Swapna Shepherd, Driftwood, Texas

May 2013



“Perhaps you've heard of Count Meerkatula?“
--Rob Goldberg, Fayetteville, New York


“Ow! I don't think we're ready for Dancing with the Stars yet!”
--Mary Baluta, Greer, South Carolina

--Tom Christian, Fort Collins, Colorado

“Help! I only kissed her and she fainted!“
--Gareth Glover, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

“Uncle! I said UNCLE!“
--Nila Holmes, Kansas City, Missouri

--Allie Regalado, Illinois

April 2013



“And the fish I caught was THIS BIG!“
---Sara May, Asheville, North Carolina


“I can spread my wings—I’m oil-free!”
---Cici Bates, Piedmont, South Carolina

“To get down with me, you'll have to start dancing at the quack of dawn!”
---Kenneth Tredwell, Advance, North Carolina

March 2013

Barbary macaque is startled


“Piranha! Hah-hah-hah! Fooled you.“
---Theresa Shafer, Davenport, Florida


“Don't be a baby. It's not THAT cold!”
---Michelle Kenley, Columbia, Tennessee

“Our Congress in action.”
---Victoria Lytles, Tampa, Florida

“How many times do I have to tell you—no more monkeys jumping on the rocks!"”
---Alyssa Maki, Gainesville, Florida

“Quit monkeying around and get in the water! It's bath time!”
---Ramona Schwengel, Rome, Georgia

“Aarrghh! This green slippery jelly is disgusting.”
---Renate Strub, Mahwah, New Jersey

February 2013

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“You know, I DO eat crow!“
---Peggy Currey, New Smyrna Beach, Florida


“Great. Another noisy neighbor.”
---Mariane Absolu, North Miami, Florida

“Clean coal is the same thing as a pleasant sounding crow—they don't exist!”
---Mark Boggs, Oakland, California

“Did you just call me bald?”
---Courtney D'Agostino, Haleiwa, Hawaii

“If I stay very still, maybe he won't see me!”
---Rita Holt, Ruckersville, Virginia

“One more peep out of you and I'll show you the real meaning of endangered species!”
---Myron Meisner, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I'll give you something to crow about!”
---Ramona Schwengel, Rome, Georgia

“Quit the 'quothing,' Raven! Or I'll show you 'nevermore' once and for all!”
---Jennifer Sundheim, Tacoma, Washington

January 2013

Polar Bears

“Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, eat your hearts out!”
---Michelle Fowler, Bethlehem, Georgia


“Listen, pal―next New Year’s, try not to show up for the plunge so hung over!”
---Dave Busch, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“There's nothing quite as magical as your first dance at the Polar Bear Prom.”
---Woody Haynes, Jacksonville, Florida

"Now keep your eyes closed. Not much further to the big surprise!"
---Ernie McLaney, Charlotte, North Carolina

“Don't give up hope. We got through 12/21/12, didn't we?”
---Myron Meisner, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Polar bears go Gangnam style.”
---Terri Saunders, Alexandria, Virginia



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