Photo of the Week: Piranha Caiman

03-17-2014 // NWF Staff


The Pantanal of South America, one of the world’s largest freshwater wetland ecosystems, is a landlocked river delta located south of the Amazon Basin and east of the Andes. The wetland’s abundant aquatic environments provide ideal conditions for small aquatic fauna that in turn attract large predators such as the yacare Caiman. Approximately 10 million caiman live within the Pantanal, making up the largest single crocodilian population on Earth. This medium sized crocodile feeds on aquatic snails, snakes, amphibians and fish including piranhas, earning the species the nickname “piranha caiman.” To take this photo, California resident Adriana Basques used a Canon 5D with a 15 mm lens in a glass megadome aquatic housing.

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