Meet the National Wildlife Photo Contest Winners

National Wildlife magazine editors caught up with some of the winners from our 2011 photo contest, and asked them to tell us a little about themselves, their work, and their passion for nature photography. Get to know the people behind the lens and find out how they got that winning photo.

Judy Malloch, 2011 National Wildlife Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Judy Malloch

Grand Prize Winner, Amateur

Judy Malloch started photographing wildlife in 2004, and since then has traveled across the globe "to capture unique behavioral images of amazing wildlife in their natural habitats."

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Joe Petersburger, 2011 National Wildlife Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Joe Petersburger

Grand Prize Winner, Professional

A professional photographer and Ph.D. biologist, Joe Petersburger strives to create a "pictorial documentation of nature," especially of lesser known and endangered species.

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Laura Romin and Larry Dalton, 2011 National Wildlife Photo Contest first place winners

Laura Romin and Larry Dalton

First Place, Baby Animals, Amateur

Laura Romin and her husband Larry Dalton are both biologists and amateur photographers. They make a point of taking the time to observe individual animals and understand their behavior, which helps them "be in the right place at the right time for some amazing interactions."

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Rolf Nussbaumer, First Place winner, 2011 Photo Contest

Rolf Nussbaumer

First Place, Other Wildlife, Professional

Growing up in Switzerland, Rolf Nussbaumer spent a lot of time outdoors and discovered his passion for nature photography as a teen. Birds are his favorite subject, but Rolf also enjoys photographing mammals, flowers and landscapes.

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John Theberge, First Place Winner 2011 National Wildlife Photo Contest

John Theberge

First Place, Other Wildlife, Amateur

John Theberge has had a lifelong interest in nature, and finds plenty of opportunities in his home state of Maine to photograph wildlife. "I realized years ago that you don't have to travel to exotic locations to get good photographs."

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Durand Johnson, First Place Winner in 2011 National Wildlife Photo Contest

Durand Johnson

First Place, Landscapes and Plant Life

Durand Johnson was captivated by the night sky at an early age. As he developed his photography skill, he mastered a technique that allows him to capture crisp, starry skies while simultaneously exposing the foreground. The results are stunning.

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