Join America's Great Waters Coalition

All nonprofit organizations that work on aquatic ecosystem restoration are eligible to join the America's Great Waters Coalition.

The coalition will focus on strengthening national policies and working to increase federal funding to benefit all of America's Waters—regardless of whether they are included in the coalition's definition of "Great Waters."

What's Expected of My Organization if I Join the Coalition?

There are no membership requirements; your organization can determine how actively to participate in the coalition.

Some coalition activities you may choose to participate in include: traveling to Washington DC to meet with your legislators on restoration issues, communicating with congressional offices regarding relevant legislation, or attending the Coalition's annual meeting to network and build relationships in the national restoration community.

Does it Cost to Be a Member?

No. While dues were envisioned by coalition leaders, they are intended to be nominal and the Steering Committee has waived them for this first year.

Becoming a Member of the Coalition

If your organization is interested in becoming a member of the America's Great Waters Coalition, please read and complete the membership charter document (PDF). Please send signed forms to Glenn Watkins at

How Can an Aquatic Ecosystem Become a “Great Water”?

Advocates for a particular large aquatic ecosystem seeking inclusion of that ecosystem as a "Great Water" in the America’s Great Waters Coalition must complete the Petition for an Ecosystem to be Considered a Great Water (pdf). In general, petitions shall be reviewed once a year after the Coalition puts out a call for applications for additional "great waters" to be included in the Coalition. The Steering Committee, at its discretion, may make exceptions to this time frame for good cause shown.

The three co-chairs of the Coalition will evaluate all petitions and make recommendations to the full Steering Committee. The full Steering Committee will make a decision by consensus or vote (2/3rd of quorum) pursuant to the Coalition bylaws, either at a regularly scheduled meeting or electronically or by phone. Within three days of the Steering Committee's decision, one of the co-chairs will convey the decision to the petitioner(s).

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