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President Biden Outlines Plan to Restore Wildlife Habitat and Better Manage Public Lands

  • Aaron Kindle
  • Jan 27, 2021

The National Wildlife Federation’s Director of Sporting Advocacy Aaron Kindle applauds the Biden administration’s goal to conserve and restore 30 percent of the nation’s lands and waters by 2030. The strategy will help speed up our economic recovery through the creation of a Civilian Conservation Corps, while also tackling the wildlife crisis and the climate crisis.

“Putting young people back to work restoring our cherished public lands and waters will give a much-needed boost to rural economies, while also restoring wildlife habitat and expanding access and opportunities for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation,” said Kindle.  “The National Wildlife Federation stands ready to work with the administration – and hunters and anglers across the nation—to chart the best path forward so that our public lands and sporting traditions thrive for generations to come.”

Today President Biden also paused oil and gas leasing on federal lands to allow the administration a chance to review the current leasing system and chart a new path to better manage the lands and waters upon which our wildlife, and hunters and anglers depend.

“Our public lands are critical for wildlife habitat, hunters, anglers, and our growing outdoor recreation economy,” said Marcia Brownlee, program manager for the Artemis Sportswomen initiative. “We encourage the Department of Interior to work quickly to analyze and modernize our outdated leasing program to better recognize the importance of public lands to all Americans.”



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