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National Wildlife Photo Contest


The editors of National Wildlife magazine want to thank the thousands of photographers who entered images in our 46th annual photo contest. We greatly appreciate your time and effort, and we are enjoyed reviewing your beautiful work. The winning photographs, selected from more than 25,000 images submitted to National Wildlife magazine’s 2017 photo contest, showcase what makes a photograph shine. A vivid play of color or pattern. A mood, either tender or bleak. A fleeting moment frozen in time. Raw power, pure emotion. Whatever the root of the magic, these images, and so many more given honorable mention, reflect the passion and craft of photographers from around the world whose vision brings nature to life. Some painstakingly planned a shot, using trial, error and patience to capture it. Others transformed a lucky moment into something unforgettable. And all of them help us see and feel that the natural world is worth our vigilant care.

Each and every person who enters photographs in National Wildlife's photo contests not only honor their own work but also help support the conservation mission of the National Wildlife Federation, which is dedicated to saving wildlife species and their habitats. The entire Federation thanks you.

You can further support this mission by becoming a member of the National Wildlife Federation, which entitles you to receive National Wildlife magazine as a benefit of membership. For more information on how to join and get the magazine, click here.

Thank you again for your interest in our 47th annual photo contest. Check back here soon for updates! (For more information, see Rules.)

See the winners of National Wildlife's 46th annual photo contest

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