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Here in Colorado we have a long history of successfully protecting western landscapes and wildlife by advocating for wildlife habitat as an important use of western public lands. Whenever issues impact the wildlife and the landscapes of the west, we will work with our affiliates and partners to find a sound, common-sense solution that represents the voices and views of NWF's members and supporters and that benefits both wildlife and the land.

Our Issues

Public Lands

The primary mission of our program is to conserve essential habitats to sustain healthy populations of native fish and wildlife now and for the futue. America's public lands provide an essential reservoir of habitat at a time when wildlife is losing out to subdivisions, shopping malls and road construction. Over 650 million acres provide habitat for more than 600 sensitive or threatened fish, wildlife and plant species. Keep our public lands healthy for wildlife and for us. Learn More >>

Tribal Lands

Our Tribal Lands Conservation Program partners with sovereign tribal nations to solove today's conservation challenges for future generations. Our tribal work has staff on the ground from Montana to Arizona. Learn More >>

Getting 10 million kids outdoors

Children are spending half the time outdoors then kids 20 years ago. Today's school kids are teathered to an electronic screen up to seven hours per day. Research has linked these behaviors to a growing body of negative consequences. NWF's Be Out There program is working to restore and develop avenues to connect youth and families with nature and these benefits. Knowing that the future of conservation rests with tomorrow's leaders, it is imperative to ensure kids have a chance to fall in love with wildlife and the great outdoors. Learn More >>

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