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Wildlife Crossing

Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor Key to Mountain Lion Survival

Ultimate design and environmental impacts for proposed crossing over Agoura Road will be subject to public hearing process and community forums.

Mountain Lion Study Area

According to urban wildlife experts, creating a safe passage for wildlife in one of the last undeveloped areas on Highway 101 will give us a chance to ensure the future of cougars in the Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles area. The National Wildlife Federation and our partners are proud to work with Californians and Americans everywhere to find ways for people to successfully coexist with and help wildlife prosper in an increasingly urbanized landscape.


Mountain Lion Crossing the Road

The Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing, when built, will be the largest such crossing in the world, and a model for urban wildlife conservation. The project enjoys widespread support and has been featured in media outlets across the globe. Read the Caltrans Fact Sheet on the crossing.

When mountain lions try to cross Los Angeles freeways, it often proves deadly to the cats, like P-18, shown below as a kitten. As a juvenile, he was hit by a car when trying to find a new home.

P-18 Before and After

We need your help to make this landmark crossing a reality! A generous million dollar seed grant from the California State Coastal Conservancy helped launch our campaign, but we still have a long way to go to be shovel ready by 2018.

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The Save LA Cougars campaign was founded by a partnership of the National Wildlife Federation and the Santa Monica Mountains Fund, and is supported by a large coalition and community of organizations, businesses, individuals and elected officials.