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The Texas Living Waters Project, a partnership of the National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, and Galveston Bay Foundation, today released the first-of-its-kind Texas Water Conservation Scorecard, an in-depth analysis and ranking of the water conservation efforts of more than 300 water utilities in Texas. See how your water utility scored and help your fellow Texans save money, save our rivers, and save water for a better future.


Making New Orleans a Sustainable Delta City for the Next Century

As we approach the 10th anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, it is important to reflect on the progress that has been made and acknowledge the work that has yet to be done. This new report from MRGO Must Go Coalition and NWF examines the various components of the Multiple Lines of Defense Strategy, evaluate their advancements, identify their short comings and offer recommendations for ensuring the full protection and long-term resiliency of the Greater New Orleans communities.

Water Conservation by the Yard: Estimating Savings From Outdoor Water Restrictions

Outdoor water use, particularly lawn watering, accounts for almost one third of annual residential water use in Texas, and can represent a much higher percentage during our hot, dry summers. Studies show that homeowners have a tendency to overwater landscapes by as much as two to three times the amount needed. This report is a joint publication of National Wildlife Federation and the Sierra Club-Lone Star Chapter.

Restoring the Gulf of Mexico for People and Wildlife

What would it take to truly restore the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the oil spill? National Wildlife Federation released a report describing 47 restoration projects that would improve the health of the Gulf of Mexico in the wake of the 2010 oil disaster. The recommendations emphasize restoring the places where rivers flow into the Gulf of Mexico, such as the Mississippi River Delta, which are important nursery grounds for many species of marine life.


Nature Play & Learning Places

Funded by the U.S. Forest Service, NWF developed design guidelines with the Natural Learning Initiative (NLI) that can be used by a wide range of institutions (parks, museums, nature centers, child care centers). The guidelines show managers of schools, parks, childcare centers, and public lands how to make nature a part of children's outdoor play and learning areas. The manual also identifies the core elements of a nature play space and demonstrate how to address management, liability and accessibility issues.

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