Offshore Wind Power

Offshore Wnd

Offshore wind energy has great potential to help America forge a clean, independent energy future. There are currently more than 3,000 offshore wind turbines spinning worldwide but not a single one can be found here in America, despite the immense potential for clean energy generation right off our shores.

National Wildlife Federation is working with a broad coalition of partners to build momentum and support for the rapid, environmentally-responsible development of our offshore wind energy resources. If we are to protect wildlife from the dangers of climate change, we can no longer afford to ignore this massive local clean energy source.

Offshore Wind Potential in the Atlantic Ocean


The Atlantic Ocean is one of the best attainable renewable energy resources in the United States with the potential to create local jobs while reducing global warming pollution. 

America has some of the best offshore wind resources in the world, particularly along the Atlantic coast where over 1,300 GW of energy generation potential has been identified. Harnessing just a fraction of our offshore wind resource—52 GW—could power about 14 million U.S. homes with local, pollution-free energy while creating over $200 billion in new economic activity along the coast. New analysis shows that a robust offshore wind industry could create 300,000 jobs here in America.

By tapping the power of offshore wind, America can help ensure energy security, price stability, and decreased pollution, while decreasing the use of fossil fuels that pose the biggest threat to our wildlife and ocean resources.

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