Federal Actions to Advance Offshore Wind Development

Offshore Wind

National Wildlife Federation believes that offshore wind development is a critical piece of the strategy to secure a clean, energy independent future for America and protect our treasured wildlife from the dangers of climate change. Like any new energy technology, offshore wind will require the commitment and investment of our federal government to get up and running in the early stages of development. 

NWF and our partners have called on the Obama Administration to take bold, swift action to make offshore wind energy a reality for America. Europe has been creating local, job-producing clean energy from their offshore winds for over a decade, and China is rapidly mobilizing to deploy offshore wind energy and take advantage of the substantial economic development opportunities associated with the manufacturing of offshore wind turbines. America must move quickly and match the commitment of these countries in pursuing offshore wind energy if we are to compete in the global marketplace for this exciting new economic opportunity.    

While the Obama Administration has taken steps to reduce the permitting timeline for offshore wind projects, more action is needed. Market conditions must be improved for this new clean energy source to compete with already established fossil fuels. Federal programs such as tax incentives and loan guarantees are critical for ensuring that offshore wind can quickly and cost-effectively be deployed in order to begin producing jobs and domestic clean energy for America.

NWF is calling on President Obama and Congress to act now to advance offshore wind energy development. Add your voice! >>

Learn more about our offshore wind power campaign at nwf.org/offshorewind.