National Wildlife Federation's Webinar Series for Educators

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National Wildlife Federation offers an ongoing series of live webinars, great for educators and parents looking for ways to engage their kids with nature and conservation. Learn how to:

Recordings of Past Webinars

Four Part Webinar Series:  Gardening with wildlife
  • Getting Started: Gardening with Wildlife in Mind. Learn how to assess your garden to see if it is providing the basic needs of wildlife and how to take some simple steps to make your garden wildlife friendly.

  • Designing for Beauty, Food and Wildlife. We will share landscaping ideas for shade, sun and part-sun gardens; how to combine vegetable gardening with gardening for wildlife; and ideas for creating gardens that are beautiful year-round.

    (Special Guest Presenter: John Magee, Magee Designs)
  • Sustainable Gardening: Gardening Ideas for Improving Your Garden. Climate-smart gardening is something every gardener should consider. Learn about composting, how to deal with "pests" in a positive way, and some additional ways to "green" your garden.

  • Gardening as Family Time: Exploring Your Garden with Your Children. We have lots of fun ideas for adding kid-friendly and fun elements to your garden. Learn about gardens designed by kids for kids and 30 fun-filled activities to explore your garden throughout the seasons. 

    (Special Guest Presenter:  Zsofia Pasztor, Innovative Landscaping Technologies)


Three part Bats webinar series:  By BatsLIVE in partnership with National Wildlife Federation
Schoolyard Habitats Webinar Recordings
  • Fall Gardening with Youth (November 19, 2013):  Webinar explored how you can help how to create or improve a garden or what can you do this Fall to get students involved. Topics explored in the webinar included: wildlife visiting your area this Fall, creating a garden for wildlife, engaging your students in activities outdoors, planning now for Spring.

  • Gardening for Nutrition and Wildlife (January 16, 2013): Schoolyard Habitats and Eco-Schools USA programs addressed how to use outdoor learning classrooms for teaching physical education, healthy living and science as well as building nutritional garden that support both kids and wildlife.

  • Enhancing Schoolyard Habitats for Teaching (October 24, 2012): Featured speaker Dr. Herbert Broda, Professor of Education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction at Ashland University, discusses Schoolyard Habitat site enhancements that can be added to school grounds to facilitate outdoor instruction, how to overcome potential stumbling blocks to taking learning outside and tips for working with children in the outdoors. Dr. Broda teaches graduate and undergraduate courses, with an emphasis on middle school education, instructional methods and outdoor/experiential education and is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences in the areas of middle school education and outdoor enhanced learning. He is the author of the books Schoolyard-Enhanced Learning and Moving the Classroom Outdoors.

  • Create a Garden for Learning: Schoolyard Habitats 101--session 1 (September 25, 2012)

  • Create a Garden for Learning: Schoolyard Habitats 101--session 2 (September 25, 2012): This webinar will help you to think through the special design and project planning considerations for installing a Schoolyard Habitat. We will examine how you and your students can work together to plan and create your learning garden and how to utilize and maintain the garden throughout the year.

  • EXTRA-Ordinary Wildlife Week Webinar (February 29, 2012): Learn about six different species featured during wildlife week--sawfish, little brown bat, nine-banded armadillo, skunk cabbage and rattlesnakes--and opportunities to teach about and celebrate wildlife during National Wildlife Week. Special thanks to the National Aquarium, Bat Conservation International, and the New Jersey Audubon Society for supporting National Wildlife Week.

  • Fundraising for Your Schoolyard Habitat (October 25, 2011): Learn about potential sources of grants and in-kind support for Schoolyard Habitats, creative approaches to fundraising, and how to engage your school and your community in raising funds and gathering support for your project. Don't let a lack of funds hold you back from starting your Schoolyard Habitat project!

  • Taking Learning Outside (August 24, 2011): Whether or not you have a Schoolyard Habitat or outdoor classroom, you too can take learning outside. Learn how to teach nearly any subject outdoors and meet national content standards. Presenters provide examples of how they have translated standards into specific outdoor activities.

  • Summer Maintenance Planning for Your Schoolyard Habitat (May 10, 2011): Tips for how to care for your habitat during the summer season (and the rest of the year).

  • Designing Your Schoolyard Habitat Project (February 3, 2011): Have you ever considered creating or improving a school garden or creating a wildlife friendly outdoor classroom? National Wildlife Federation's webinar covers the basics of how to plan, install and maintain a Schoolyard Habitat (outdoor classroom) and how to use your habitat garden as a teaching tool for meeting standards of learning.

  • Creating a Schoolyard Habitat: How to Create, Maintain and Teach in an Outdoor Classroom (August 24, 2010): Are you ready to create a Schoolyard Habitat, but not sure how to start? National Wildlife Federation's webinar covers special design and project planning considerations for installing a habitat on school grounds and utilizing a habitat for teaching.

Be Out There Webinar Recordings

  • Geocaching with Ranger Rick (March 5, 2013): Learn how to start a kid-friendly geocaching trail for parks, trails, schools or any outdoor recreational facility with the desire to provide a new kind of adventure for their community. We’ll review geocaching basics, benefits of geocaching, how Ranger Rick’s Geocache Trails works, and hear from current hosts on how the program is working out for them. Geocaching is a great way to use technology kids love to get them outside and moving. NWF’s trail program is wildlife-themed and encourages exploration and learning too!
  • 10 Million Kids Outdoors Playing and Learning (January 23, 2013): National Wildlife Federation, along with our partner National Recreation and Park Association, has set a goal to get 10 Million new kids outside for 90 minutes a week for outdoor play and learning. Discover how time in nature is beneficial for children in a variety of ways and how you can join the revolution.

Eco-Schools USA Webinar Recordings
  • Healthy Living - Healthy Students (February 27, 2013). This webinar focuses on the importance of outdoor time for fostering healthy lifestyles. Children are spending more time indoors and under the watchful eye of child-serving institutions. We will explore how NWF’s programs are getting kids outdoors by creating outdoor classrooms, edible school gardens, and natural playscapes and how this makes students healthier. 

  • Young Reporters for the Environment USA (February 12, 2013). NWF is hosting a new environmental journalism competition, Young Reporters for the Environment USA. Learn more about the competition and get tips to craft a winning entry. Contest submissions are due March 15, 2013. 

  • Introduction to Our New Pathways (August 15, 2012). The Eco-Schools USA team introduces four new pathways to the Eco-Schools USA program. Learn about the new pathways and how they can help you in your school greening efforts. 

  • Exploring Biodiversity Globally! (April 11, 2012) Explore diversity through an amazing Butterfly Farm in the hills of Costa Rica.  This webinar is a great way to explore biodiversity on a global dimension. Note that this webinar is geared towards students. (Note, after pressing play, you will need to wait a few minutes for the webinar to begin.)

  • How to Engage Administrators, the School Board and the Greater Community in Your Efforts (January 11, 2012). Advice on how to get support to help you implement the Eco-Schools USA program.  

  • Eco-Schools USA on a Budget (May 4, 2011). Tools and tips for greening your school on a tight budget.

  • Introduction to Eco-Schools USA (March 23, 2011). This is a webinar to introduce you to Eco-Schools USA, part of the largest green schools program in the world! Listen in for tips on how to green your school!

National Wildlife Week Webinar Recordings
  • National Wildlife Week--Branching Out for Wildlife (February 20, 2013). What do black bears, flying squirrels and cicadas all have in common? They all need trees! In 2013 National Wildlife Week (March 18-24, 2013) is "Branching Out for Wildlife," celebrating trees and their importance to wildlife and people. Join us for a webinar that will help educators prepare for National Wildlife Week. Learn about 45 species of trees and wildlife in the U.S. and fun lessons and activities and community service projects you can do with your students during National Wildlife Week. View the recording

  • National Wildlife Week--Extraordinary Wildlife (February 29, 2012): We turn the spotlight on 45 EXTRA-ordinary species of U.S. wildlife—record breakers, those with special defenses, those with extra keen senses, those that can survive in extreme conditions, and those with special adaptations. Learn from special guest speakers from the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Bat Conservation International and more!

  • National Wildlife Week--Wildlife That Move Us (February 23, 2011): National Wildlife Week 2011 was all about Wildlife That Move Us and featured 45 different species of wildlife that fly, climb, leap, swim, crawl, dig and more! This webinar provides suggestions about fun activities for teaching about and celebrating wildlife that you can do any time of year, not just during National Wildlife Week.

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