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National Recreation and Park Association is asking its members to sign on and support National Wildlife Federation’s three-year goal to get 10 million more kids outside, reconnecting with nature and reaping the many benefits to their health and happiness.

Park and Recreation Professional Webinars

Smart Phones, Tablets and Technology:  Innovative ways to connect children with nature

View the recorded webinar highlighting Technology as a tool to connect children (and adults) with Nature.  Webinar included:

  • Highlight of research on technology and impact on outdoor learning
  • Recommended online programs and apps to us with your programs
  • Program highlights from City of Austin and Loudoun County, VA on a few of their Technology and Nature programs.
  • Download the list of Apps and links highlighted by presenters in webinar


10 Million Kids Webinar

View the National Wildlife Federation and National Recreation and Parks Assocation recently recorded a webinar to introduce the 10 Million Kids goal and objective to the NRPA members.  The webinar highlights include:

  • Discussion of the research with Dr. Mark Fly (How much time and what activities are youth engaged in when outdoors)
  • Highlight of events and opportunities which Parks and Recs can use to connect children in the outdoors
  • Discuss on how various Park and Recreation system are utilizing NWF programs as part of the goal
  • Much more including summary of discussion with online resource highlights

Reports and Resources

 and Resources

National Wildlife Federation has released various reports about the importance of children spending time outdoors and its effect on their overall well being, school readiness, performance at school and more.


Recently Released

  • Gardening with Families and Kids

  • Your Weather Report

  • Get the Dirt on Dirt

  • Green Time - Sleep Time


Upcoming Activities

National Wildlife Week, Water and Wildlife - From the Mountains, Streams and Oceans

National Wildlife Week (March 16 - 22, 2014) will highlight the different water ways and wildlife (including us) that depend on water.  Explore and highlight the wildlife in your community through a water lens and organize an event to get your community involved through a volunteer service project.  NWF will provide detailed how to guides and materials for events including opportunities to receive free trees for planting during the week - or after.


Resources you might wish to share


View recorded Webinar Series on gardening - You are welcome to provide links to the webinars to your constituents as well. 

Getting Started:  Gardening with Wildlife In Mind 

  • Reviewing your garden and accessing your yard
  • Providing the basics for wildlife and people - food, water, cover and places to raise young

 Designing for beauty, food and wildlife (Guest Speaker on Webinar)

  • Landscape ideas for shade, sun and part-shade gardens
  • Combining food based garden and wildlife garden together
  • Ideas for year-round beauty

 Sustainable Gardening:  Gardening Ideas for Improving your Garden

  • Climate smart gardening – what every gardener should consider
  • Dealing with “pests” in a positive way
  • Reduce, reuse and Compost – some ways to making in your yard for the planet

 Gardening as Family Time: Exploring your garden with your children  (Guest Speaker on Webinar) GREAT ideas from playscape to improving your gardens with kids in mind.

  • Ideas for adding Kid Fun elements to your gardens
  • Gardens design by kids for kids

  • 30 fun fill activities to explore your garden throughout the seasons


 How Can I Participate?

1. Sign Up Your Agency or Organization

Register your agency or organization to participate. We’ll keep you informed on upcoming webinars for staff and volunteers, training opportunities, resources for leaders, and new information about the initiative as it unfolds.

Sign up your agency
Join this effort by registering your agency or organization to participate in helping NWF get kids back outside >>

2. Make Your Participation Count

Help us track progress towards this important goal. Starting in 2013, updates of the number of children will be requested quarterly and a report back form will be available in early 2013.

3. Get Kids (and Parents) Engaged! 

Partner with NWF to start new--or grow existing--programs that get kids outside in nature. Here are some great ideas for programs, events and activities from NWF to get you started:

4. Spread the Word

As you are networking with fellow professionals, talking with leadership, working with other departments, invite them to join the cause.


Thank for supporting this important cause and contributing to getting 10 million kids from their indoor habitats back to the outdoors!

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10 Million Outdoor Kids
10 Million Kids Outside program photo by Nature Explore
  • Download the results of the "Ten Million Outdoor Kids" Campaign!

Every Kid in a Park
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