Creating and Restoring Wildlife Habitat

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Alongside our grassroots efforts to advocate for clean air, clean water and ecosystem protection, National Wildlife Federation also works to create new habitat and restore damaged areas through our wildlife gardening and tree planting programs.

NWF's efforts include responding to critical habitat restoration needs after disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, Gulf oil disaster and Superstorm Sandy.

Helping People Garden With Wildlife in Mind

  • Certified Wildlife Habitat® Program - By providing the basic elements of habitat—food, water, cover and a place for wildlife to raise their young—people can create a place for wildlife in gardens of all shapes and sizes. National Wildlife Federation's Certified Wildlife Habitat program helps people recognize what their garden already has, and also what they can add to easily attract even more birds, butterflies and amazing wildlife. Learn how to get your garden recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat >>

  • Schoolyard Habitats® Program - In 1996, the Schoolyard Habitats program was created to meet the growing interest and distinct needs of schools and school districts in creating and restoring wildlife habitat on school grounds. The program focuses specifically on assisting school communities in the use of school grounds as learning sites for wildlife conservation and cross-curricular learning.

  • Community Wildlife Habitat™ Program - A Community Wildlife Habitat is a community that provides habitat for wildlife throughout the community—in backyards, schools and in public areas such as parks, community gardens, places of worship and businesses.

  • Habitat Volunteer Program - NWF recruits, trains and deploys dedicated wildlife gardening advocates to help at all kinds of gardening shows and community events, to give presentations and help connect people to the idea of creating wildlife habitat at home.

Planting Trees for Wildlife

Through our Trees for Wildlife program, National Wildlife Federation connects trees to tree planters, throwing in fun, hands-on activities and rewards to boot. Designed for scout troops, school groups and other youth organizations, this program helps young people learn about the importance of trees and how to plant and take care of them for the future. NWF organizes events and also provides trees to other groups. 

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