What We Do to Protect Texas Living Waters

In the face of rapid population growth and a warming climate, Texas' water resources have never been under such intense pressure.

Lake Sheldon Park Texas

The Texas Living Waters Project works to ensure that Texas has enough fresh water for people and wildlife. With our partner, the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club, we work to reform the way Texas manages and uses its fresh water at the state and local level.

Since 2001, this award-winning coalition has worked to protect vulnerable wildlife habitats and drinking water supplies while promoting increased water efficiency and educating the public and policymakers.

Based out of NWF's South Central Regional Center, our staff works with scientists, stakeholders and citizen groups to make sure the new stakeholder-driven process incorporates good science and guarantees sufficient water for Texas rivers and bays.

The Texas Living Waters Project works to:

  • Ensure that Texas' coastal estuaries have the freshwater they need to remain healthy and sustain wildlife.

  • Protect Texas groundwater by advocating for the sustainable use of these supplies—using it only as fast as nature can replenish it—so current and future generations will have healthy and reliable groundwater resources.

  • Encourage the most efficient use of existing water supplies before new supplies are developed.


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Reports and Fact Sheets
Texas Water Scorecard

The Texas Living Waters Project, a partnership of the National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, and Galveston Bay Foundation, released the first-of-its-kind Texas Water Conservation Scorecard, an in-depth analysis and ranking of the water conservation efforts of more than 300 water utilities in Texas.

Water Rate Structures for Conservation

Water pricing can be one of the most effective methods to driving conservation and it is also the primary mechanism for recovering the revenue that a water utility needs to protect public health and the environment.

Sprayed Away

Outdoor water use in Texas and recommends seven ways to water wisely.

Bays in Peril

Why is Texas's new water legislation so unique?

Save Water= Saving Rivers & Money

2007 report on the potential of municipal water conservation in Texas.

25+ Ways to Save Water at Home 

Read this great tipsheet to do your part to help keep Texas rivers flowing—Conserve water!

At Risk: Freshwater Fish
Freshwater Fish
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