What We Do To Protect Wildlife

From the tundra of Alaska to the palm-lined shores of Florida, America harbors a spectacular array of plant and animal species. Unfortunately, many of our wildlife species have seriously declined due to human actions ranging from rampant development and unwise resource extraction to pollution of our waterways.

Florida bobcat

Conserving healthy populations of fish and wildlife is at the heart of National Wildlife Federation's work.

NWF is working across the country with diverse partners--individuals like you, state and federal conservation agencies, businesses and other conservation groups--to protect and restore our native wildlife and the habitats on which they depend.

Ways NWF Protects Wildlife


75 Years of Helping Wildlife

In 2011, National Wildlife celebrated our 75th Anniversary. To reflect on our long history of making a difference for wildlife, we put together the slide show to highlight a few of the many wildlife species that the work of National Wildlife Federation helped directly to protect.

To all of our supporters, past, present and future, thanks for your help. We could do none of this without you!

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