Appalachia’s Pristine Wilderness and Wildlife are in Danger

Blackbear in Appalachia
The Central Appalachian region is one of the most biologically diverse regions in North America, home to countless wildlife and plant species and the largest unbroken forest east of the Mississippi River.

But America’s addiction to coal is putting this vibrant ecosystem in peril. More than a million acres in West Virginia, Kentucky, and Virginia have already been destroyed, more than 500 mountaintops have been blasted, and more than 2,000 miles of streams have been buried or severely degraded by mining operations. Groundwater contamination, flash flooding and other mining hazards threaten the region's citizens.

The agencies charged with protecting Americans’ health and public safety have collapsed under coal industry pressure to “look the other way” and failed in their fundamental duties. With so much at stake, the National Wildlife Federation is working with local partners in the Appalachian region to turn the tide of coal’s detrimental impact on the land, water, wildlife, and people.

Your gift to National Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Legal Fund will help us take a stand for Appalachia's local communities and wildlife. They say “the mountains are forever.” Let’s make sure this remains a reality.

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