NWF 2010 Annual Report

Message from the President and Chair

The past year has been a challenging one, but it has also shown how strong we are when we work together. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico dominated the news for five months, and from the very beginning National Wildlife Federation was there to fight for wildlife, estuaries and wetlands taking the brunt of the crisis.

Indeed, NWF was on the front lines responding to this unfolding tragedy since the spill began. In this Annual Report, you'll learn about our work to reshape and rebuild the delicate coastal ecosystems and wildlife habitats of the Gulf. You will also discover how people across the country joined with us in this effort school kids to businesses to rock musicians. Together, we made a difference.

We have continued all our other important work for wildlife, of course, from fighting the invasive Asian carp in the Great Lakes, to creating a Critical Pathways program in the northeast, to deepening our education and children's outdoor programs with Eco-Schools USA and Be Out There.

It is your personal commitment to protecting wildlife for our children's future that makes National Wildlife Federation's vital conservation work possible. Thank you for joining with us as we look toward celebrating our 75th year.


Larry Schweiger            Craig Thompson


    Larry Schweiger                                            Craig Thompson                                   
    President and CEO                                        Chair, Board of Directors


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