Strategic Plan

A Plan to Repower America's Conservation Movement

A Plan to Repower America's Conservation Movement

Download NWF's 2010 strategic plan, A Plan to Repower America's Conservation Movement (PDF)

Today, our nation faces great economic and conservation challenges. The mission of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) —"to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future"—requires that NWF repower a conservation movement in America that brings diverse networks of people together around the common dream that our children live in a healthy world where they breathe clean air, drink pure water and enjoy a diverse array of wildlife and natural areas.

To achieve our dream, NWF will nurture strong and enduring relationships by:
  • creating regional and national networks of influence and affluence,
  • connecting and supporting a diversity of influential network leaders,
  • building a powerful affiliate network for the 21st century,
  • expanding and deepening our networks of volunteers,
  • engaging the next generation of conservation leaders, and
  • diversifying and expanding funding for NWF and our partners.
NWF believes instilling a conservation ethic in Americans is critical to:

Reduce global warming pollution and build a new energy future
An unprecedented movement driven by people from all walks of life has made the reduction of global warming pollution a top national priority. NWF is helping to create a new energy future that greatly reduces global warming pollution.

Safeguard wildlife and people in a warming world
We must adequately protect the natural places that define, defend and support America's diverse communities, and invest in green jobs to restore and protect nature. NWF will safeguard people and wildlife from the impacts of climate change.

Connect people with nature and get families to "Be Out There"
NWF has launched Be Out There™, a national campaign to re-connect families to the outdoors in order to raise healthier kids and inspire a life-long appreciation of wildlife and nature.

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