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Sammy, Skip, Benita, Izzy and Miss Sally have lots of adventures and do many fun things outside.


Benita's favorite activities focus on expressing her excitement and exploring with her five senses. Learn about Benita.

Here are some activities that Benita recommends for your child:

  • Animal Hide-and-Seek - As Benita would say, “Playing hide-and-seek is the most fantastic, funnest festivity I can think of.” For other animals, it can be a very serious business. Why? Go outside and find out.

  • Be a Busy Beaver Builder - As Benita knows better than anyone, beavers are great builders! They construct dams to block rivers and streams so they can build their homes (lodges) in the resulting ponds. If Benita’s buddies can make dams, so can you!

  • Feel Your Way Into Fall - Benita likes to put nature objects in a shoe box, hide them from sight, and then try to recognize them without peeking.

  • Me and My Shadow - On a sunny day, you can find a playmate as soon as your go outside. Your shadow! “An positively perfect unplanned play-date,” says Benita, “easy-peasy!”


For more fun activities, visit the Wild Animal Baby website.



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