Our Work With State Wildlife Action Plans

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Protecting wildlife for our children's future will require bold and strategic conservation efforts in every state.

Fortunately, a vision for conserving wildlife now exists thanks to the development of State Wildlife Action Plans.

These federally-funded state plans are setting the stage for an ambitious new direction for wildlife conservation and collectively represent a national action agenda for preventing wildlife from becoming endangered.

How They Work

Every state has written a State Wildlife Action Plan, which acts like a blueprint for conservation. Plans assess the health of wildlife and habitat in the state, so experts know which species are at risk, and outline steps needed to conserve the “species of greatest conservation need” before they become more rare and costly to protect. The State Wildlife Grants Program provides federal dollars and matching state funds to support states and territories in cost-effective conservation.

Implementing Successful State Wildlife Action Plans

The National Wildlife Federation is a founding member of the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition, a coalition of more than 6,300 organizations supporting increased public funding for wildlife conservation and related education and recreation. The coalition works to ensure that state wildlife agencies and their conservation partners have the funding they need to fully implement their wildlife action plans.

  • NWF works to advance and support state wildlife conservation efforts by:

    Advocating for robust, dedicated funding for action plan implementation through the annual federal budget process and other legislation.

    Building awareness of the importance of state wildlife action plans and galvanizing state-level Teaming with Wildlife Coalitions.

    Promoting the use of wildlife action plans to inform broader land use and resource management activities.

Teaming with Wildlife

Learn more about the Teaming With Wildlife Coalition >>


Protecting Wildlife from Climate Change

With support from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation NWF is partnering with wildlife agencies in three pilot states (New York, Virginia, and Washington) to make sure that their State Wildlife Action Plans address potential impacts from climate change. 

What we do:

  1. Host workshops across the country on updating State Wildlife Action Plans.
  2. Conduct vulnerability assessments in pilot states to understand how climate change will affect wildlife and habitat.
  3. Develop models for including wildlife in state adaptation plans.
  4. Organize and energize coalitions like Teaming with Wildlife to support climate change adaptation and update State Wildlife Action Plans.
  5. Share information and lessons learned about climate change adaptation.

Learn more about National Wildlife Federation's adaptation reports.

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