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Ranger Rick
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7 to 12
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1 to 60 minutes
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Skip a Stone
A stone bouncing across the water looks like magic. But you don't need a wand—just plenty of practice.
  • Smooth, flat stone
Step 1
Go to a Body of Water

Head for the shore of a pond, lake, or slow-flowing river.

Step 2
Find a Stone

Find a smooth, flat stone that easily fits in the palm of your hand.

Step 3
Hold the Stone Properly

Hold the stone flat, with your thumb on top and middle finger below. Curl your pointer finger around the stone's edge.

Step 4
Throw the Stone

Throw the stone toward the water. Snap your wrist forward when you release the stone and spin it off your pointer finger. The faster it spins, the better it will skip.

Step 5
Count the Skips

Count how many times your stone skips before it sinks. Then see if you can beat your record! (Can you believe that the current world record is 51 skips in a row? Wow!)

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