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Southwest Ranches

Southwest Ranches, FL

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Population: 7344


The Town of Southwest Ranches is committed to promoting and protecting the rural lifestyle of our residents while preserving the natural environment. Following through on this commitment, the goals and objectives of Southwest Ranches’ Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Department are to provide benefit to our residents and visitors through exemplary management and maintenance of the Town’s Recreation, Forestry and Natural Resources including public lands, the Town’s Urban Forest, and the diverse wildlife that makes its home here, while cultivating a vibrant community and sense of place. The PROS Department manages the Town’s parks and trails, a system of over 150 acres of land in varying stages of development, linked together for public recreational use through more than 25 miles of right of way trails. Passive recreation amenities available in Southwest Ranches’ Parks Program include playgrounds, fitness trails, picnic and meeting facilities, pedestrian and equestrian multi-purpose trails, freshwater fishing, nature trails with historical and environmental education, and geocaching stations.

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Community Spotlight


There is Life in a Dead Tree

A pair of woodpeckers has taken up residence in this palm, which did not successfully transplant. A sign will be installed that links to our website, providing information to the public about why a dead tree is not removed but left for wildlife use.

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The Team assists New Horizon School

Our Team member Christina Brownlow, inspecting the pollinator garden we inspired at New Horizon Methodist Church and School