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Hollow Road

Nibley, UT

City or Town

Population: 5500


The Hollow Road neighborhood is part of Nibley City, the fastest growing community in Cache County, Utah. All of the homes in this neighborhood are on a minimum of two-acre plots and the road parallels the Blacksmith Fork River and three canals. The abundance of water in this area promotes great riparian zones of tree growth and lures in at least 75 species of birds including eagles, hawks, falcons, turkeys, pheasants, warblers, orioles, tanagers, hummingbirds, kingfishers, dippers, buntings, towhees, grosbeaks, waxwings, and all kinds of name a few. Hollow Road is frequented by Mule Deer, but Moose and Elk have also been rare visitors. Mountain Lions occasionally roam the mountains to the East, and the sound of Coyotes howling in the foothills, or the yapping of Red Foxes, are not totally unfamiliar. Cache County gets its name from its use as a place where mountain men would cache their furs to be sold at later dates. It is the northernmost county in Utah and consists of a verdant valley at 4600' elevation, surrounded by mountains over 9000' high. The County, and much of the State, were once the ancient location of huge Lake Bonneville. Hollow Road got its name from the depression carved through lake deposits by the Blacksmith Fork River. It is a small valley within a large one. The neighborhood is about 3 miles long, has about 140 homes, and 430 residents. Many are certifying their property with NWF through our local volunteer group, the Cache Valley Wildlife Association.


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