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Town of Farragut

Farragut, TN

City or Town

Population: 22676


Incorporated in 1980, the Town of Farragut has top schools, safe neighborhoods and high development standards, making it one of the best places to live in the Southeast. Just west of Knoxville, Tenn., Farragut has just over 22,500 residents who love our small-town atmosphere. Visitors are drawn by community events that celebrate the seasons and beauty of East Tennessee. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy more than 15 miles of greenway trails and other amenities offered in the Town's four parks. Farragut offers a large and diverse collection of shopping and dining experiences, and numerous smaller shopping centers focus on independent retailers and locally-owned restaurants, pubs and bakeries.

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Community Spotlight


Birds Nest Found

AmeriCorps member, Courtney Alley, holding an abandoned birds nest found during an invasive plant removal project


Invasive Removal is Hard Work

Volunteers struggle to remove a deeply rooted invasive plant that has grown near the stream along Wentworth Greenway.


Green Roof Bird House

Students from Farragut High School constructed six green roof bird houses that were installed at the Town's Outdoor Classroom.


Permeable Concrete

The Town's Outdoor Classroom features 400 linear feet of permeable concrete in addition to 3,000 square feet of permeable pavers.

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Committee Cleans Stream

Two members of the Town's Stormwater Advisory Committee wade through a stream looking for and removing trash.

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Artistic Cistern Conserves Water

A 1,500 gallon cistern, located at the Town's Outdoor Classroom, reduces stormwater runoff and enables gardeners at the site to utilize rainwater for irrigation. The cistern was painted by local artist, Curtis Glover.

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