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Concord, NC

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Population: 96341


Concord, from the Latin for “harmony”, was founded in 1796 and incorporated in 1806. The City has a long and deep background in supporting conservation. It has been a leader for a number of years in conservation for municipal operations, in creating opportunities for its citizens to be outside, and in supporting the conservation efforts of its citizens through community-based programs and projects. In 2018, the City of Concord was named the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) Municipal Conservationist of the Year! One of Concord’s core values is the environment. Concord’s Mission and Core Values states, “We are concerned about our natural, historic, economic, and aesthetic resources and work to preserve and enhance them for future generations.” Concord’s commitment to the environment and conservation are exemplified in its commitment to being a Community Wildlife Habitat, sign the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, cultivate and maintain a strong partnership with the Concord Wildlife Alliance (the local NCWF chapter), compete annually in the global City Nature Challenge and employ and support the work of a certified environmental educator. In 2021, the Concord WIldlife Alliance, was named the NCWF Chapter of the Year. The City of Concord was designated a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat in April 2015. In November of the same year, then Mayor Scott Padgett signed the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge, under which Concord, in partnership with the Concord Wildlife Alliance, exceeded the 3 required actions, completing 12 specific actions to protect the monarch butterfly and other pollinators, including habitat installation, an educational campaign and a change to the commercial development ordinance requiring at least 50% native plants to be used in the landscape. In 2021, The City of Concord, under Mayor Dusch's leadership, recommitted to the Mayor's Monarch Pledge and the City is one of only 126 cities to commit to 8 or more actions. Since 1990, the total population of Concord has grown tremendously to 96,341 people in 2019. Geographically, the City of Concord has expanded from 23 square miles in 1990 to 63.1 square miles in 2018. For more information about the City of Concord and the Concord Wildlife Alliance, visit and

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Concord Wildlife Alliance

Working to protect, conserve and restore wildlife and habitat in the Greater Concord Area.

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