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Los Alamos

Los Alamos, NM

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Population: 18000


Perched on the sloping shelf of the Pajarito Plateau, halfway between the rift sheltering the Rio Grande and the eroded volcanic peaks of the Jemez Mountains, the community of Los Alamos is surrounded by a 58-mile network of trails and a vertical mile of habitat diversity. This encourages the residents to engage in an active lifestyle, which is closely connected the wide range of plants and animals that exist in and near the town. Recent wildfires and the subsequent erosional events have resulted in a large area of habitat destruction, so habitat creation and preservation is important to the residents here. The NWF Community Wildlife Habitat Team name is “Nurturing Our Wildlife.”


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Community Spotlight


Demonstration Gardens

Our Pollinator Garden, Drought Tolerant Garden, Native Plant Garden, and Wildlife Habitat Garden at the Los Alamos Nature Center are popular community resources.


Field Trips for Children

Local CWH Team Leader , Selvi Viswanathan, invites local elementary children to her garden to help them learn about providing for the needs of wildlife.


Monarch Release

After raising Monarch butterflies they were released the Los Alamos Nature Center. Community members learned about the native milkweed plant and tagging butterflies.

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Bear Festival

The CWH Team created kid friendly games about living safely with bears at the Bear Festival on August 25, 2018.


CWH Live Stream Camera

One of our certified habitats is at the Los Alamos Nature Center. What’s going on in the wildlife area at the nature center? Check out our camera livestream to see who is stopping by!

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CWH Certification Ceremony

NWF's Luisa Grant joins the Los Alamos Team for the ceremony honoring the community's certification as a wildlife habitat. Earth Day 2016.