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Lily Dale

Lily Dale , NY

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Population: 300


The Lily Dale Environmental Committee was formed in 2012 with the approval of the Lily Dale Assembly Board of Directors. We are a dedicated group of residents with four of our members being recognized as Master Gardeners through the New York State Cornell Cooperative Extension Program. Lily Dale is proud to be one of the two communities in New York State to achieve certification from the NWF. We are located on the upper section of Cassadaga Lake’s three-lake system. One of our completed projects is a Lakeside Rain Garden which manages storm water run-off using plants to filter and absorb the excess water before entering our lake’s ecosystem. We have also erected five bat houses in our park areas one of which is installed near the Rain Garden. Through a monitoring system, using Echo location, several rare bat species were discovered in Lily Dale. We recently placed a Purple Martin house on the shoreline of our lake. An ongoing project is the development of a careful plan to eradicate invasive species such as grape vines and English Ivy. We also monitor several ongoing ecologically sound test projects to eliminate Japanese Knotweed. Nature paths have been established throughout Lily Dale for many years. Our committee has designed and installed signage which explains the history of the Old Growth Forest in the Leolyn Woods, and identifies its trees and plants. Lily Dale’s By-Laws state that the sanctity and integrity of the Leolyn Woods as an Virgin Old Growth Forest will be preserved and protected in perpetuity. Our newest ongoing project is the creation of the Lily Dale Community Butterfly Habitat using pesticide -free native plants as sources of nectar and as host plants. Emphasis will be on the use of organic mulch and soil. The NWF sign will be located at the entrance of the Butterfly Habitat beside our educational sign explaining the purpose of a Butterfly Habitat. The Habitat will include a solar fountain, solar lights along the handicap accessible path with benches and arbors placed for quiet reflection and meditation. We invite guests to visit Lily Dale Assembly, the world’s largest center for the Science, Philosophy, and Religion of Spiritualism now celebrating its 138th year. To obtain a copy of our Workshop Guide, please go to:

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