Tara Castelucci

Tara Castelucci

Tara Castelucci

Director of Philanthropy


Tara Castelucci, Director of Philanthropy, strives to connect people’s philanthropic interests with opportunities to safeguard our nation’s wildlife and their diverse habitats. Before shifting her focus to the nonprofit industry to align her career with her values, Tara worked in sales, event planning, and international business where she traveled abroad frequently. Most recently, Tara was a member of the Philanthropy Team at Yellowstone Forever, where she raised critical funds for the nation’s first national park.

From Tara:

My earliest outdoor memories include sledding the big hill in the town park, catching lightning bugs and toads during muggy Midwest summer evenings, and watching thunderstorms roll in at my grandparents’ farm. Today, even though I’ve moved far from home, most of my best memories continue to be outside in nature where I go to recreate, recharge, find solace and celebrate. Conservation is my passion and while there are many challenges we face, I am continuously inspired by those who give generously to make their communities and planet a healthier, safer, and more wild place. I am especially motivated by the young folks that will be the next generation of conservationists – they are our future and they are watching. I hope that, together, we can make them proud of what we’ve accomplished.

Tara holds a B.S. in Communications from Ohio University. After college, she spent a summer working in Glacier National Park where she fell in love with Big Sky Country. Tara lives in Missoula, Montana, with her partner, Willie, and their two rescued tortoiseshell cats. Tara enjoys traveling and reading though most of her free time is dedicated to enjoying Montana’s plentiful trails, streams, lakes, and mountains.

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