Living Habitats - A Conversation with Landscape Architect Robert Rock

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Living Habitats - A Conversation with Landscape Architect Robert Rock

Robert Rock Headshot
Robert Rock | PLA, ASLA

Principal and COO, Living Habitats

Tara Castelucci Headshot
Tara Castelucci

Director of Philanthropy, National Wildlife Federation

The United States has a rich abundance and diversity of wildlife and natural resources. But as the human population grows, more resources are leveraged to meet human demand, putting wildlife and lands at risk. As stewards of the natural world, we all face increasing pressure to ensure that human development not only utilizes resources wisely, but protects, enhances, and even creates the natural spaces all species need to thrive.

The Federation’s Tara Castelucci, Director of Philanthropy, joins landscape architect Robert Rock for a conversation exploring Robert’s work integrating infrastructure within landscapes nationwide while balancing the aesthetic and functional demands of his projects, including on the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing in Los Angeles, among many others.

Recorded March 16, 2023.

About Robert

Robert Rock is Principal and COO at Living Habitats, a landscape architecture firm based in Chicago. He joined the firm after almost fifteen years at Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates in Brooklyn. Robert’s work focuses on the artful integration of infrastructure within the landscape fabric, and he believes that design solutions should be understood and appreciated by individuals that utilize them. His years of work have provided him affinity for design collaboration and admiration for the personal commitments that individuals make to their environment. Robert’s rural Iowan upbringing serves as a foundation in resourcefulness that informs his approach to design and reinforces his appreciation for sustainability.

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