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Every day, people in the United States use roughly 500 million plastic straws—enough to fill 127 school buses a day, or nearly 46,400 buses a year.

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Those plastic straws might seem convenient for us, but each year they end up costing the lives of about 100,000 marine animals and more than a million sea birds that ingest the harmful plastic.

Plastic straws (like single-use plastic bags) are an item that most of us could live without. Everyone can be part of the solution by simply saying no to plastic straws and instead choosing to go without or get a reusable straw.

Eco-Schools is a partner in the OneLessStraw pledge campaign, created by the nonprofit organization One More Generation (OMG). By taking part in the campaign, schools—along with individuals and businesses—can help our environment and wildlife by pledging to end plastic straw consumption. Affecting change is as easy as saying no.

The OneLessStraw pledge campaign also provides assets to help students and educators show their support and spread the word about the dangers of plastic straws. Click here to browse and download assets, including:

  • Infographics (English and Spanish)
  • Individual and school pledge forms (English and Spanish)
  • Logos
  • Social media messaging

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