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Tornado Science

What is a tornado? How do they form? Where are they found?

These are questions that your students are likely asking. The resources below can help you explain the science behind tornadoes to your students. 

What is a Tornado? - Weather WizKids
This kid-friendly website explains the science of tornadoes and discusses potential impacts, and also includes a vocabulary list, safety list, and a link to activities.

Tornadoes -
This click-through animation explains how tornadoes form in a way that is easy for students to understand.

Forces of Nature - National Geographic
This site allows older students to examine the science behind tornadoes and includes the ability to manipulate weather conditions to create tornadic activity.

NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory
Questions and answers about weather phenomena, specifically tornadoes, and includes information for educators and students.

The Weather Channel: 12 Extreme Facts about Tornadoes
Sometimes unpredictable, tornadoes are extreme weather phenomena responsible for some of the most extreme impacts on the planet.


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