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Sample Biodiversity Audit

Learning Objectives

  • To investigate the existing biodiversity of the school grounds and/or surrounding community.
  • To draw attention to the importance of a biologically diverse ecosystem.

Curriculum Links

Science, Mathematics, Technology

Eco-Schools USA Pathways

Biodiversity, School Grounds, Healthy Living, Water

Sample Biodiversity Audit

Use the Biodiversity Audit to help you assess the biodiversity of the area surrounding your school.

This audit focuses on surveying the school grounds to assess the level of biodiversity of flora and fauna found at the school. You will likely find a variety of living things at the school coexisting with the activities of students and teachers. These include trees, shrubs, smaller plants and grasses, as well as birds, mammals and small invertebrates such as spiders and insects. The aim is to quantify the area of the school grounds covered by vegetation and to assess the amount and diversity of habitats which could support a variety of species.

Students will be encouraged to devise strategies to increase the level of biodiversity on the school grounds. You will use the data you collect to create your Biodiversity Action Plan.

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