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Biodiversity Pathway Objectives


  • To raise awareness about biodiversity and its essential role in the overall health of the planet.
  • To investigate the native biodiversity of the school and surrounding community.
  • To identify key aspects of local habitats and the local ecosystem that promote biodiversity.
  • To make connections between human actions and the level of biological diversity found within a habitat and/or ecosystem.
  • To improve the biodiversity found on school grounds.
  • To provide information about the benefits of a biologically diverse ecosystem to students, families, and the community.

Learning Outcomes

Through work with the Biodiversity pathway, students will:

  • Develop an understanding about what biodiversity is and what it means locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Investigate local biodiversity, exploring the past and present as well as predicting the future biodiversity of your locale.
  • Conduct a biodiversity audit of the school grounds.
  • Create an action plan to address biodiversity on the school grounds and/or in the surrounding community.
  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and communicate information related to biodiversity.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress toward goals related to increasing biodiversity on school grounds and/or the surrounding community.
  • Communicate about the importance biodiversity plays in the health of our planet to a variety of audiences, including other students, parents, and the local community.

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