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Learning About Forests (LEAF) Pathway

Learning about Forests (LEAF) is a Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) program. In existence since 1999, it is currently in 23 countries across the globe and reaching 550,000 students. Learning about Forests aims to increase knowledge about the key role forests play in sustaining life on our planet through outdoor and classroom learning. While the focus of the LEAF programs is on tree-based ecosystems, the skill and knowledge acquired can be applied to any environment on earth. The program looks at all functions of a forest – ecological, economic, social and cultural. What LEAF ultimately strives for is to enable future generations to not only make environmentally sustainable and informed decisions in their lives, but also offers them the opportunity to rediscover the beauty and wonder of the natural world.

National Wildlife Federation is the host organization of LEAF in the United States. Here in the U.S. LEAF will be run as a pathway of sustainability under the Eco-Schools USA program. Schools will follow the same seven-step guided framework and will be able to apply for awards under the Eco-Schools award structure. As well, schools can receive a LEAF certificate of achievement.

Information and resources for the LEAF Pathway can now be found in the Eco-Schools USA Handbook, or by clicking on the links below.

LEAF Tools and Resources

Pathway Description | Top 10 Tips | Fast Facts | Standards Alignment | Sample Action Plan | LEAF Audit | Lesson Links

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