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Transportation Pathway Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Deepen student learning by incorporating a cross-curricular approach to addressing this pathway, including math, the language arts, the social studies, technology, engineering, and the arts.
  • Research and raise awareness about the impact of travel on the environment, specifically to air quality, public health, and to wild places and wildlife species.
  • Investigate safe routes to school for students and staff to walk, ride their bike and/or utilize ride sharing programs, such as carpooling or public transportation.
  • Identify potential impacts, both positive and negative to utilizing safer routes to school on students and staff, as well as wild places and wildlife.
  • Increase the number of students and staff who walk, ride their bike and/or utilize ride sharing opportunities.
  • Research and develop partnerships with local, regional, and/or state organizations to build relationships and support for your work.
  • Implement an effective program that combines air quality information, safer routes to school, and includes stewardship of the wild places and wildlife along those routes.

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