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Plan for Action

Your environmental checklist will have sparked a lot of ideas for potential projects, and your pathway-specific audits will have given you a better idea of areas where you can make improvements in your school community.

Now the Eco-Action Team is ready to draw up a workable plan with details of the projects on which the team wants to take action. It will include lists of tasks, supplies and equipment needed, people to involve for each project, and who is responsible for each action. The Eco-Action Team will also outline a timeline and budget, if costs are associated with implementation.

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Eco-Action Plans by Pathway

A sample action plan and a blank action plan are available for each pathway. Sample action plans are designed to help your Eco-Action Team generate ideas. Use blank action plans to develop the details of your team’s plan.

The level of detail provided in your action plan will be a factor in determining which award level you are eligible to achieve.

Creating Your Eco-Action Plan

Present the data collected from your pathway audit and, as a team, talk about the results.

In small groups, brainstorm solutions to the school's issues. Groups can be assigned specific items to address. Alternatively, all groups can be assigned the same prominent issues to achieve a greater variety of interesting solutions. As a team, discuss and agree on the most effective solutions.

Compile the solutions into your action plan and assign tasks to appropriate individuals within the team and across the school. Agree on realistic time frames in which tasks should be completed.

Set aside time for students to carry out the activities they have assigned themselves and to notify other staff and students of the responsibilities assigned to them. Set up the school for success by providing training to staff and students as needed.

As a team, set frequent review dates to monitor and evaluate progress toward the action plan goal(s). Analyze how far you have come and identify what else you can do. Schedule a follow-up audit after a few months to measure the effectiveness of your actions.

  • Add a section on your pathway topic to your school's website.
  • In regular assemblies, share results, achievements, and development plans for the future.
  • Prepare a school notice board showing graphs of results and achievements.
  • Involve the local press and radio to let everyone know about the school's action plan.
  • Team up with another school in the area to share ideas and collaborate on a project.
  • Have students develop ways to digitally and visually represent data and other information.

Sharing Your Eco-Action Plan

Copies of your Eco-Action Plan should be made available for the whole school to see. The more people that are aware of what the Eco-Action Team is trying to do, the more likely they are to get involved and take action.