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Climate Change Education

Scientific evidence concludes that climate change is happening—and it’s happening now.

There is overwhelming scientific agreement on human-caused global warming. More than 97 percent of publishing scientists and a synthesis of peer reviewed studies confirm this scientific fact. Virtually all national and international science academies and societies have issued statements or assessments affirming humans' role in recent climate change. This includes the academies of science from 80 countries.

Through quality, innovative resources, educators can integrate climate change education into the classroom, raising awareness about its impacts and inspiring creative solutions for student action.

Curriculum and Activities

The National Wildlife Federation has teamed up with filmmakers and supporters to develop classroom resources for climate change education.

students in garden

Discover fun facts, helpful tips, and more information for tackling climate change in your school community.

teacher teaching students in garden

Ready, set ... reduce! Classrooms will go head-to-head in a race to cut their carbon emissions, utilizing a carbon calculator to evaluate progress.

The National Wildlife Federation works to prevent the causes, mitigate the impacts, and adapt to the fluctuations of a changing climate. Learn more about our work to confront climate change.