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Just as the Earth is a complex system made up of smaller systems—no one system having the ability to function to its full potential without the other—so functions the brain, itself a dynamic system made up of smaller complex systems.

"Learning and brain development are interdependent neural networks. Development of the brain influences behavior and learning, and in turn, learning influences brain development and brain health." (How People Learn: Learners, Contexts and Cultures)

Numerous research reports from the 1970s to present day detail the benefits that learning in nature has on students’ cognitive development and function, social-emotional well-being, fine and gross motor skills, and physical health.

The lessons and activities from Eco-Schools USA are designed to educate the whole child, meeting the unique developmental and academic needs of students in each grade band; while at the same time focusing on the critical components of outdoor education that contribute to a meaningful, rigorous, and active education.