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Green STEM

The STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) play an important role in students' holistic development. Educating students in STEM fields is critical to our nation's future and is integral to accomplishing the educational goals set forth in the National Wildlife Federation's strategic plan, key to our mission.

To meet the goal of fostering STEM understanding, we must rethink how we engage, motivate, and promote STEM courses and experiential opportunities to students. Eco-Schools USA provides educators and students with STEM learning experiences through the lens of sustainable development.

To better prepare students for STEM careers, it is important to stay up-to-date on current trends. Use the two resources below to help support your content knowledge and inform your Green STEM instruction.

STEM Vital Signs

This resource from the Education Commission of the States provides the current state of STEM need as it impacts U.S. business. The information allows practitioners to become better informed about the existing challenges and opportunities in an effort to better support and prepare students for careers in STEM.

STEM Report Cards

The Alliance for Science and Technology Research in America (ASTRA) tells STEM stories using data. Each year ASTRA reports on the state of STEM and innovation for each state in the United States. The key features within the report include state rankings by nine key innovation metrics, the top 20 industry sectors per state, and the top 40 projected STEM occupations per state.