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Recycle City - Explore Recycle City and learn how the residents recycle, reduce and reuse waste. (EPA)*

Burt & Phil's Water Busters - Help Bert and Phil quickly find and fix water leaks around the house before high water bills wash them away.

The Green Home Difference - Learn how to be greener in your home and save resources by comparing two pictures of the same area of the home and identifying differences. (Will County, IL)

Clever Crazes for Kids - Engage in expeditions to learn how science, technology, engineering and math are a part of every day life and contribute to a healthy environment, healthy people and healthy relationships. (Building Healthy Lives Foundation)*

Arkive - Participate in activities that cover a variety of science and biology topics including adaptation, biodiversity and habitat loss, invasive species, variation and classification.*

What's Your Water IQ? - Find out how much you know about water use and conservation. (Planet Green)

Natural Resource Conservation Challenge Quiz - Find out how much you know about conserving soil and water, and making our environment better. (NRCS)

Energy Conservation Quiz - Find out how much you really know about energy conservation. (National Geographic)

Eat Salad and Shoot Ice Cream Monsters - Help Bob eat salads and shoot all of the ice cream monsters (Green Ribbon Schools)

* These games include teacher and/or parent resources

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