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Games and Quizzes

Eco Schools Games and Quizzes Icon - Take a tour to investigate water saving opportunities in each area of the home. (California Urban Water Conservation Council)

BBC Climate Change Challenge - Play this game where you are president of the European Nations and must tackle climate change while staying popular enough with the voters to stay in office. (BBC)

Logicity - Take on the task of reducing the carbon footprint of an average resident in this virtual 3D city.

Emission - Play this game through Facebook, which allows you to take control of your own beach and take steps to keep it clean, raise animals and engage in environmental missions to reduce your carbon footprint. (

Arkive - Participate in activities that cover a variety of science and biology topics including Darwin and natural selection, evolution, adaptation, conservation and extinction.*

Teens for Planet Earth - Visit this social networking site for teens who want to protect our planet. (Wildlife Conservation Society)

Natural Resource Conservation Challenge Quiz - Find out how much you know about conserving soil and water, and making our environment better. (NRCS)

Energy Conservation Quiz - Find out how much you really know about energy conservation. (National Geographic)

What's Your Water IQ? - Find out how much you know about water use and conservation. (Planet Green)

Learn About Antioxidants - Help Super Antioxident Man protect his host, Will, from free radicals. (Green Ribbon Schools)

* These games include teacher and/or parent resources

Science Fair

Energy Information Administration Science Fair Experiments

EPA Science Fair Fun Science Fair Project Ideas

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