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Chicagoland Network for Sustainability in Higher Education

The Chicagoland Network for Sustainability in Higher Education (CNSHE) is a network of higher education institutions working to advance sustainability and accelerate climate action. CNSHE does such by working with students, staff and faculty to share best practices and by collaborating to achieve institutional and common goals which benefit the region and society at-large.

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CNSHE Local Sustainable Food Report 2014

The CNSHE came together to address the need to understand and evaluate food on campus.

Specifically, the network searched to find common ground on terms such as "local" and "sustainable." In addition, CNSHE wanted to understand how each campus's food service provider was using these terms. Also CNSHE wondered if, collectively, they could help improve the local economy by working with local, urban farmers in the area to source food for the numerous cafeterias across the different institutions.

This report, the CNSHE Local, Sustainable Food Report, seeks to address a growing desire by students and the campus community to understand where the food they eat comes from and how it is produced.

This as a baseline report and CNSHE hopes to have updates in the future.

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