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Leave No Trace

When Outdoors, Respect the Outdoors

One of the easiest ways to camp green is to respect the environment you are entering and leave it better than you found it. Check out these handy tips to reduce your impact.

✓ Campgrounds and natural parks have designated areas for hiking and camping for a reason—it helps maintain natural habitats and protects wildlife.

✓ If you find a campsite that’s already established, use it. If you do set up a new campsite, try to make it where you won’t disturb any plants.

✓ If there’s a trail, stay on it. If you do need to go off the trail, try to step where the surface is hardest and avoid stepping on plants.

✓ It’s best to cook on a camping stove—it’s safer and easier to control. If you do make a campfire, keep it small. If there’s already a fire ring nearby, make your fire there.

✓ Pay attention to the environment, drought conditions and park instructions for creating and extinguishing a small fire—it’s absolutely critical to maintain safety. 

✓ Pick up trash you find. Don’t leave any trash lying around and pick up anyone else’s trash you find. Follow the Clean Earth Challenge guidelines! 

Remember, “leave no trace” camping isn’t just a list of rules—it’s an attitude.

man and woman hiking on a trail