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Respect Wildlife

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Leave Wildlife Wild

Getting a glimpse at wildlife in the great outdoors is a true wonder—whether it’s a bear, a butterfly or a beautiful flower. We’ve provided simple guidelines to follow to assure wildlife and their habitat are protected and you stay safe.

  1. Please enjoy wildlife at a distance.
  2. Do not try to approach, get close to, pet or feed wildlife.
  3. Respect their space and do not scare them with movement, loud noises or try to call out to them.
  4. Wildlife varies by area, so please pay attention to park rules and follow any guidelines suggested by the park ranger or other authorities regarding what to do if you encounter wildlife and how to stay safe.
  5. Most wildlife do not want to encounter you, so respecting their habitat is key as is keeping a distance.
  6. Certain animals like bears for example, have a keen sense of smell and search for food. Please follow park guidelines about storing food in a safe place at your campsite so bears or other wildlife cannot get to it.
  7. Remember to always look from a distance but never touch no matter how tempting it may be.

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